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1、 Background

In order to implement the requirements of establishing a recording system for the whole process of law enforcement put forward in the decision on several major issues of comprehensively promoting the rule of law in the Fourth Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee, the Ministry of public security formulated the regulations on video and audio recording of law enforcement by public security organs in 2016, which requires public security organs at all levels to fully understand the video and audio recording of law enforcement on the spot, so as to standardize public security organs The significance of on-site law enforcement activities and safeguarding the legitimate rights and interests of the parties concerned, earnestly implement the relevant work requirements, fully equip relevant instruments and equipment, strengthen the use and management of video and audio data of law enforcement on the spot, and further improve the credibility and safety level of law enforcement of public security organs.

2、 Demand analysis

With the development of technology and the need of police law enforcement, the traditional law enforcement recorder has some bottlenecks due to the underlying non intelligent operating system and the lack of real-time transmission channel. For example, in case of emergency, the real-time uploading of video and data can not be realized, the command center can not understand the current situation of front-line law enforcement in real time, the voice and location scheduling of personnel can not be realized It is difficult to coordinate with the back-end to realize remote dispatching and command, which seriously affects the decision-making and command of emergency.

At the same time, in the process of law enforcement data upload, storage, retrieval and retrieval, there are also some problems, such as the process of law enforcement data export is laborious, the law enforcement data storage and management is not professional, the law enforcement data is difficult to query and share quickly, and there are difficulties in the assessment of law enforcement work.

3、 Solutions

Aiming at the needs of the public security industry, the visualization cloud intelligent command system launched by Weitu Zhilian takes streaming media exchange and transmission, audio and video coding and decoding, mobile network communication and cloud computing services as the core technologies, relying on the existing 4G communication network or private network, and through portable intelligent terminals, realizes real-time audio and video back transmission and sharing, cross regional cluster intercom, linkage alarm and image capture , GPS / BeiDou position query, track tracking, electronic fence attendance, work task dispatch, command issuance, dynamic group scheduling and other functions, to achieve the comprehensive intelligent command and dispatch from the front-end equipment to the dispatching platform.

At the same time, in order to meet the functional requirements of intelligent terminal forensics video and audio data collection, query and data management, the system can support the data management system of fusion acquisition station / expansion dock, and realize the functions of automatic upload and collection of video and audio data, intelligent retrieval, data storage and statistics.

The system network topology is as follows:






4、 Functional features

1. Hierarchical management structure: hierarchical organization structure based on tree structure to realize multi-level structure and hierarchical management;

2. System architecture: cloud platform or proprietary server architecture, supporting disaster recovery backup, data encryption, capacity expansion and other functions to ensure data security;

3. It integrates visual command, law enforcement record, POC group intercom, GIS flat management, audio and video alarm, graphic report and other scheduling functions;

4. Based on GB / t28181 protocol or other system interfaces, it supports docking with video monitoring, voice broadcasting, wired and wireless intercom systems, and realizes the integration of multi system platforms;

5. Industry expansion and application: Based on Android intelligent system, it realizes app applications such as face / license plate / voice / certificate recognition, task dispatch, electronic fence, attendance, customized business workflow, etc;

6. Storage mode: system storage mode supports cloud storage architecture, hybrid storage, centralized storage mode, etc.

7. Media file management: authorized users can quickly query and retrieve video, image and audio files with various query conditions, and can play video and audio files online, open and browse images.

8. Data statistics management: support multi-dimensional statistics of video and audio data collected by the terminal, and automatically generate reports;

9. Multiple application modes: support single acquisition station and networking mode deployment, realize data sharing and centralized management;

10. Standard interface: in line with the Ministry of public security GA / t947-2015 standard data interface, supporting docking with relevant business platforms;

5、 Benefit analysis

1. The project has improved the level of integration, informatization, digitization, scientization and pre evolution of public security law enforcement, greatly improved the efficiency of law enforcement management and on-site decision-making, effectively promoted the standardization, fairness and civilized law enforcement of law enforcement personnel, and effectively safeguarded the legitimate rights and interests of law enforcement personnel.

2. Realize the whole process of command and dispatch, and truly achieve the command and dispatch management function of "visible, audible and able to command".

3. It realizes centralized and unified storage, management and application of all the collected audio and video data, solves the data island of law enforcement instrument, realizes data sharing and convenient retrieval, and improves work efficiency and management level.

4. The management software is practical and complete, the operation platform is standardized and formatted, and the optional level supervision is visualized and the whole process is realized.

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