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About US

        Since its establishment, Shenzhen VTU Systems Co., Ltd. is a technology company integrating product system research and development and sales with the company's business philosophy of "creating the ultimate quality products and attentive customer service". The company is committed to the development and discussion of law enforcement terminal, public network intercom, Internet of things, cloud computing and scheduling system, providing a set of practical solutions based on visual intelligent law enforcement, intercom communication as guarantee, command and dispatch and data analysis as application, and combination of software and hardware for industry users.

        The company always adheres to the needs of the industry. Starting from the aspects of ease of use, endurance, reliability and functional requirements of the products, and combining with more than 10 years of industry experience, the company has developed and launched intelligent law enforcement terminals and systems with high performance and high reliability, and has always insisted on solving the practical problems of users, meeting the actual needs of users, and improving users' performance Use experience as the only goal of the company's products and services.



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