Fusion communication scheme

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1、 Background

With the rapid development of economy and society, it is difficult for a single form of narrowband voice communication scheme to meet the needs of current users. The application of multi-media integrated communication system such as voice, video and data applications is becoming more and more important. The construction of a set of "unified command, unified scheduling" integrated communication platform, with daily work scheduling and emergency command as the core, through the call of various communication resources, information and auxiliary decision-making resources to complete the corresponding command and scheduling operation, realize the cooperative work of audio and video communication system and other business platforms, and greatly improve the management efficiency and intelligent application of command and dispatch To truly realize the concept of "one platform" integrated communication command and dispatch.

2、 Demand analysis

Establish a sound industry command and dispatch system and emergency response system for all kinds of emergencies, and give full play to the high bandwidth and convenience of mobile Internet on the basis of integrating and utilizing existing resources. Using advanced big data analysis and processing technologies such as the Internet of things, big data, cloud computing and real-time computing, aiming at the demand of command and dispatch or emergency disposal, an integrated communication platform integrating communication command and dispatch, video scheduling, law enforcement business and multi system platforms is established.

The main demands are as follows:

1. All kinds of terminals in the system are integrated seamlessly to realize the interconnection of various communication means;

2. Command and dispatch should be real-time, integrated, interactive and whole process;

3、 Solutions

Through the integration of the existing video conference system, video monitoring system, broadcasting system, telephone system, intercom system and other basic communication support systems, the platform realizes the on-site audio and video command and dispatching, and realizes the unified command and cooperative operation of departments and personnel at all levels. The platform has the following contents: alarm receiving management, command and dispatch, emergency plan, incident reporting, video supervision, attendance on duty, monitoring situation research and judgment, etc. it constructs a command and dispatching system that can upload important information and issue orders, which provides strong support for daily supervision safety management and various emergency management, and realizes "unified platform, unified communication and unified deployment" of user units "Unified command and unified dispatch".

The platform architecture is as follows:





4、 Functional features

1. Hierarchical management structure: hierarchical organization structure based on tree structure to realize multi-level structure and hierarchical management;

2. System architecture: cloud platform or proprietary server architecture, supporting disaster recovery backup, data encryption, capacity expansion and other functions to ensure data security;

3. It integrates visual command, law enforcement record, POC group intercom, GIS flat management, audio and video alarm, graphic report and other scheduling functions;

4. Based on GB / t28181 protocol or other system interfaces, it supports docking with video monitoring, voice broadcasting, wired and wireless intercom systems, and realizes the integration of multi system platforms;

5. Industry expansion and application: Based on Android intelligent system, it realizes app applications such as face / license plate / voice / certificate recognition, task dispatch, electronic fence, attendance, customized business workflow, etc;

5、 Benefit analysis

1. Through the hierarchical structure deployment, the information reporting and command of the personnel under their jurisdiction can be realized downward, and the data reporting and command receiving of the superior departments can be realized upward.

2. Through the "vertical to the bottom, horizontal to the edge" way to break the information island, solve the problem that the linkage between the upper and lower levels is not in place, and realize the unified scheduling and collaborative command among departments at all levels.

3. The whole process of command and dispatch is realized, and the integrated communication command and dispatching management function of "visible, audible and able to command" is truly achieved.

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